The Kansas Jaycees' Cerebral Palsy Foundation, Inc.  

We Support Summer Camp For Physically & Mentally Challenged Children and Adults 

We have an exciting and diverse program for you this summer! 

We are looking forward to seeing all of you and want to challenge you ...... we want each one of you to look around and find someone that would benefit from our summer program - tell them about us and get them an application!  We want to continue to expand and grow and the best way to do that is through YOU! 

Buddy (or Cheryl the Executive Director), Princess (or Jana the Program Coordinator), Mickey (or Michele the medical provider) and Sam Cat (or Sarah the Camp Director) are ALL back for another summer of fun so don’t miss out – get your application in early!

Thanks to a grant from The Christopher Reeves Foundation and the Boeing Employees Fund, we will be exploring the waterfront in a pontoon boat!   Oh, Yea and we can't forget the guys from PUSH America who helped us with our brand new GOLF COURSE!  We know what you are thinking!  We can't wait for you to get out here to experience all the new stuff too!!!  What a crazy time we have in store this summer - you sure don't want to miss this!

You will get to enjoy the garden again this summer (and if Sam Cat doesn't let the worms lose we should have plenty for fishing) and if you like camping – you will love spending an evening around the campfire with camp songs, eating S’mores and a hay rack ride and maybe even camping outside (weather permitting). 

As you can tell, we are always doing something fun and I am sure if you join us, you will have a blast too! We’d love to see you this summer!

Here's what's in store for you in 2006!










May 21 - 26


Staff & Volunteer Training


June 25 - 30

5 - 11



May 28 – June 2

25 & Up

E. I. E. I. O.


July 9 - 14

12 - 20



June 4 - 9

21 & Up



July 16 - 21

21 & Up



June 11 - 16

21 & Up



July 23 - 28

25 & Up



June 16 - 18




Alright.... if you can't tell what the weeks are all about here you go -

#1...(E.I.E.I.O) you know the song....come on.. E.I.E.I.O, and on this....... you guessed it... equipped with a Hoe Down and we can't forget to experience swimmin' at the "Swimmin' Hole!" .

#2...(Fit 'N In) you guessed it - its all about fitness, sports and exercise.  From aqua aerobics to the ending the week with the Olympic Games... everyone's assured of the GOLD!

#3...(Summer Safari) ever gone on a safari?  Well...'bout time you did - go on a real safari hunt and hunt wild animals (well... they will be stuffed but you will still get to hunt them...if they don't hunt you first!)

#4 - (Family Fun!) This is a BRAND NEW! session for us this year - bring your family and share the camp experience with one and all!  This is a great session for new campers (and parents/guardians) who want to "test the waters" so to speak.

#5 - (Camp Imagination) This session is all about dreams, realities and everything in between.  We will explore lost worlds, amazing tales and we can't forget about the Prince/Princess Ball.  We might be far away from Disney but we will have just as much fun!

#6 - (Slime, Grime & Goopology)... if making cool stuff (that hopefully doesn't blow up!) and science experiments that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat (hopefully not ducking out of the way) is what you like - this weeks for you!... really, this week is all about having fun and learning something along the way.

#7 - (Earth, Wind, Fire & Water) We have come along way since Cowboys and Indians but we will never forget the Native American heritage with this session.  You will experience a true Pow Wow and you will also get to make some drums for the ceremony.  I know that the Spirits (of Earth, Wind, Fire & Water) will be with us as we experience the way's of the Native American's and the stories that they left for us to learn.

#8 - (Aloha!) ... come and have an island experience with us as the Ranch is reformed into an island paradise!  From the authentic food to the evening Luau.  Everyone will find something this week to enjoy!